Gastronomy and restaurants

Málaga has a very rich gastronomy, you can try out various cuisines, and you can buy good quality and fresh ingredients for your cooking sessions.


The most popular breakfast is toast with tomato sauce and ham or cheese. You can get a lot of great offers in several cafés, when you can get a coffee, fresh orange juice and the toast for a really low price: 3-5€. These „ofertas“ are really popular among the locals and the tourists as well. Great places for breakfast are La Canasta and 100 Montaditos.

If you like to get some fresh fruits for breakfast, I recommend you to visit one of the markets, for example Mercado de Atarazanas, you can get smoothies and fresh fruits as well.


Málaga is located on the south of Spain. That is why the temperatures are really high during almost the whole year. The siesta is an important part of the day, that is why the Spanish people close the most of the shops and restaurant around noon and they open it again around 5 p.m. The locals are having a late breakfast, then for lunch they usually grab something small and then they have a bigger dinner. On the photo you can see Chiringuitos, speciall grilled sardinias which are made on coal. It is a specialty of the region, you can have it almost everywhere at the beach. Perfect snack for lunch, wit some bread or with fries. The locals eat a lot of fruit during the day, a lot of them replace lunch with fruits.

If you like seafood I recommend you to try out the restaurants near the beach and discover the fresh seafood specialties. The best paella in town is at the Mercado de Atarazanas, which is a perfect amount of food for lunch- definitely worth a try.


The dinner is an important ritual in Spain and I have many tips for you.

The most authentic dinner what you can get is tapas. The city is full of tapas bars (my favourite is Jamones), where if you order a drink, you get a small portion of food. You can try a lot of different food and slowly you just recognize that you are not even hungry anymore. 

There is an amazing pizza place in the city called Terra Mia. It is an authentic Italian restaurant, where you can get amazing Italian pizza. Do not miss it out!

But if you live in the city for longer time, you will have to start cooking. Cooking session with friends and then dinner together can be an amazing programme for the evening.