The nightlife

In Málaga you will not be bored during the evenings. There are several great organizations in the city, who organize something great every single day for you. I will share with you some great places.

Camden Lock

Camden Lock is the place, where the evening is starting. You meet here everybody, the drinks are really budget-friendly and because you get to know everybody, it feels like a second home.

You can buy your ticket to the club here.

Do not miss out the Tinto de Verano!


Sala Gold

Sala Gold is the best club in the city. You can dance to the hottest latino songs, every day is a different kind of party, it is simply the best.

In the southern part of Spain the parties in clubs start around 2 a.m and they last until 6. a.m. So you have quite a lot of time to dance it out.

Gallery Club

The Gallery Club is more favorized among the locals. So if you want to meet Spanish people, you should dance at Gallery.

This place is a little more fancy than the previous ones.

The best thing about these places, that they are on the same street, so you can always change your mind.