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You can never understand one language until you understand at least two

– Geoffrey Willans.


Our team has members, who have experience the life abroad in a foreign country. That is how we know, how important is it to be able to speak languages and that is why we created e-friends for you.


Our goal is to provide you education in an enjoyable way for free or for minimum costs, so almost every one of you could be a part of our amazing community.


With our premium version we are able to give you a certification of attending our course, which can have a really positive effect on your CV.

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Get a virtual best friend

Let me introduce you to Tommy. Tommy wants to be your best friend, while he helps you learn the basics of the foreign language you choose.

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Practice the language whenever and wherever you have some free time. Even 10 minutes of daily practice can determine great results.

Get new friends

After you reached the knowledge level needed for communication with others in your language, join other users in chat rooms and let's create friendships.

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“I found so many great friends through e-friends, we plan to visit each other, so I can discover a lot of countries, which is just amazing.”
Lina Hetzel
“The app is great, always up-to-date, I love how many exciting people I just talked with.”
Eddie Johansson
“I like to learn new languages, but the methods in school were always boring for me. Tommy gives you a great base, and then practicing the language with people who are at your age or with who you have a lot in common is simply the best way for me.”
Jonathan Doe
“I was a bit sceptical when I downloaded the app, because I tried a lot of similar apps for language learning, but they were too easy and quite boring for me. But I have to admit that I really enjoyed the first sessions with Tommy and the people I got to know through chat are really great .”
Mike Edward